Empty nest syndrome…

I spent a chilly weekend near Stratford upon Avon before heading to Coventry to attend my youngest child’s university graduation ceremony.

A weekend of milestones as well as mixed emotions as he has also landed his first job and taken the keys for his first flatshare.

As a parent you want to get them to that point of independence, and I do feel proud and elated for him and his successes, as I did for my other children. But when the last child heads into their future a hole is left.

They term it “empty nest” syndrome.

How does it feel? Physically I feel tense, emotionally I am a bit all over the place. Unsettled sums it up.

I know these feelings will be fleeting, but until they pass I shall do my usual and head to the hills.

Walking gives me peace, it gets me back in balance both emotionally and physically.

When I get into the rhythm of walking and start to get more co-ordinated, balanced and aware of myself, I can then begin to let go of the physical tension. It takes the weight of the world off my shoulders. Let’s me be in the moment and stops all that mental chatter. It creates quiet in me. Quells uncertainty…

Events in our life, whether they are positive or negative can throw us off balance. They create inevitable change.

If like me you are feeling tense and out of sorts for whatever reason, then let me keep you posted on my forthcoming new year course to create balance in your life, both physical and mental and help you manage change.

Remember your posture is you, emotional, physical and mechanical…

Look forward to hearing from you, Jane.