How many photos of yourself do you delete because you don’t like what you see?

I should have been strapped to my desk doing admin, but it is a lovely sunny day and I am a past master at distraction techniques. Googling the tide-table for Hayling Island is far more interesting than spreadsheet entries…

Low tide soon. Perfect!

Dog, ball, picnic, swimmies. An hour later I’m on the beach.

I confess… One of the many pleasures of the beach for me is people watching. I just can’t help it. As a professional working with natural movement, balance and co-ordination, it is just so interesting.

Some people look at clothes, others figures. For me it’s – Where’s Your head?

Is it dropped forward – Hangdog? Is it forward with your chin up – Tortoise? There are so many variations as to where we hold it.

The snap above is probably one of those photos that won’t make the family album, because you don’t like what you see.

How many photos do you delete from your phone/camera because of this?

Whether we admit it or not, our body image is important to us, particularly as we age. Stooping with rounded shoulders reminds me of the “Elderly crossing” road sign. It makes us look old. This is likely to happen when you have a forward head posture.

So is your head in the right place? Don’t know where it should naturally be?

It is never too late to find out and change poor postural habits. Come and join my 4 week course starting 1st week in July.

  • Find a good support base to stand tall and sit well
  • Be more co-ordinated in activities such as bending and lifting
  • Get a lighter, easier stride making walking less effort
  • Improve your body image and reduce pain issues

Click here for more details – Course dates and places

Email me for more details… or Phone Jane – 07775 618 822

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