Online Course – Learn how to walk with more ease, balance and awareness


Can you improve your gait, reduce pain issues when walking, get a lighter step and move with more ease from a 6 week online course?

“Yes” is the answer…

“There is no doubt that ‘Jane’s Wellness Course’ has improved my daily walking habits and general overall posture. Having completed the course I now walk with far more ease and I am so much more aware of how my body moves and that habits of a lifetime can be changed. Jane’s techniques are simple to follow and practice and she is able to provide expert individual advice for any specific problems. I will definitely continue to develop the skills I have learnt from the course including the relaxation methods that I already use on a daily basis. Thank you Jane, may we all walk tall, proud and with ease!” Claire C. Barnes

Since doing Jane’s  wellness course I can now walk 10km without any back or hip pain which I was experiencing before. I have also found the exercises are very beneficial if needing to relax and having problems sleeping, 2 mins of the exercises and I sleep like a baby. Also it makes you realise how easy it is to break bad habits that most of us pick up and how your body works so much better when you do. I have also realised when my body is getting stressed and tight, in 3 mins I can relax it. I can’t recommend it highly enough and the benefits you will have from doing it. You only get one body so best to look after it. Thanks Jane” Paula M. Camberwell

Walk Tall…

Improve your Posture by Balancing your Body

Join my Level 1 course using The Alexander Technique 

A comprehensive 6 hour course running over 6 consecutive weeks.

Exploring how to –

  • Walk Tall by improving your posture and poise
  • Balance your pelvis into a neutral position to help prevent back and hip pain while walking
  • Use your feet effectively in your “gait” or walking cycle
  • Be more aware of yourself when walking to re-connect with good natural movement

Tuesday 9th, 16th & 23rd February

Tuesday 2nd, 9th, 16th March

 Course time: 18:30 – 19:30

Small group of 5 people so plenty of individual attention

Handouts supplied with each session and weekly exercises given to practice and build on each component of the course

Sessions are held on-line using Zoom

£100 for the 6 week course. 

For more information call Jane – 07775 618 822

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