It helped me… It can help you

P1000805I used to suffer from neck and shoulder pain and was unable to find the cause or cure for it. However, after Alexander Technique lessons, I realised that it was what I was doing to myself in my work environment that was the root of my problems. Bad habits learned over 30 years in an I.T. role, sitting in front of a P.C. were the cause. Quickly I learnt from the Technique how to manage myself better and became aware of harmful tension and holding patterns. I had found something that made a long-lasting difference.

I was so inspired by the changes my teacher helped me achieve, that I decided to undertake the three year training course. I have been qualified and practicing since 2005.

Members of STAT have completed the three year full-time training and adhere to a published code of ethical and professional standards.

Society for teachers of The Alexander Technique

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