Client Testimonials

“Before starting the Alexander Technique I took tablets and gels every day to ease my, sometimes severe neck pain/headaches, which often had no effect at all. I can honestly say that after session 1 with Jane I noticed a dramatic improvement and since then I have not needed pain killers for any aches or pains. It takes discipline but it’s well worth the effort.”
Andrew Brighty, Dockenfield 
“Very informative, simple changes to understand and the benefit was seen immediately.”
T.S, Cosham
“I’m annoyed that I didn’t do this 20 years ago!”
Dr. Oliver Sargent, Westbourne

“I have been having AT lessons regularly with Jane for over a year now and find them very helpful in many ways. Lessons with Jane are always very helpful and constructive.

 I have lived with Osteo Arthritis for many years (I have a hip replacement) with the added problems of scoliosis in the spine. Over the years I have had physiotherapy and sessions with a chiropractor and an osteopath.  Although they have all been very helpful in their own ways, they have not dealt with the root cause of misusing the body frame by repetitive poor patterns of movement.

AT lessons have made me more aware of this and I am learning to move with more ease, releasing the tension which causes discomfort and sometimes pain.”

MB, Hampshire

“I first went to Jane in 2005 having experienced stiffness and pain down my left side from daily hours of commuting (driving) through slow traffic to get into West London. I had tried other therapies but the effects were short lived sometimes to just hours even with repeated appointments. Nothing gave me the ability to manage the situation for myself.
I had heard of The Alexander Technique so when I searched online and found Jane close by I had to give it a go and find out. I wasn’t disappointed.
The relief I experienced on each of my first couple of sessions was quite profound and usually lasted a few days. I signed up for several courses of lessons each progressing me to the point where I was at last able to take control of the problem I was experiencing.
Jane is a calm and gentle practitioner  and I would recommend her to anyone interested in finding out what the technique could do for them.
I still visit Jane periodically for top up lessons and get a lot out of them. ”
Andy Atwood, Farnham

“ I was born with a minor and unnoticed scoliosis. Now that I am in my seventies there is some degeneration and consequently increasing back pain. This situation was not helped by very poor posture.
Jane’s Alexander Technique treatment has significantly improved my posture and effected a significant reduction in discomfort especially standing but also while sitting and walking.
I recommend anyone with back pain to contact Jane and see how the Alexander Technique might help. “
Paul Whitlock, Farnham

“The pain was so bad I couldn’t work without taking painkillers. Jane has help me re-educate my body, I’m pain free and much more aware now. When I sit down I take time to settle myself and get my posture right.”
Nicci Shepherd, Farnham

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to let you know the AT lessons have been a real benefit for both the gym, and learning to snowboard… I progressed very quickly in the snowboarding lessons and people said how good my posture was going down the hill!
I can now do squats, presses etc with good form and I’m much more aware and in control of my back and head position.
Thanks again – I will definitely book some more lessons for a refresh!
Andy Skraga Arlesford

“I found Jane’s sessions to be extremely useful in making me aware of healthy posture in all my activities, which has proved to be life-changing, and also for providing some much needed quiet time in an otherwise very busy life.
Philippa Topham – Pianist, Accompanist, Teacher, Examiner