Client Testimonials

I first went to Jane in 2005 having experienced stiffness and pain down my left side from daily hours of commuting (driving) through slow traffic to get into West London. I had tried other therapies but the effects were short lived sometimes to just hours even with repeated appointments. Nothing gave me the ability to manage the situation for myself.
I had heard of The Alexander Technique so when I searched online and found Jane close by I had to give it a go and find out. I wasn’t disappointed.
The relief I experienced on each of my first couple of sessions was quite profound and usually lasted a few days. I signed up for several courses of lessons each progressing me to the point where I was at last able to take control of the problem I was experiencing.
Jane is a calm and gentle practitioner  and I would recommend her to anyone interested in finding out what the technique could do for them.
I still visit Jane periodically for top up lessons and get a lot out of them.
Andy Atwood Farnham

I was born with a minor and unnoticed scoliosis. Now that I am in my seventies there is some degeneration and consequently increasing back pain. This situation was not helped by very poor posture.
Jane’s Alexander Technique treatment has significantly improved my posture and effected a significant reduction in discomfort especially standing but also while sitting and walking.
I recommend anyone with back pain to contact Jane and see how the Alexander Technique might help.
Paul Whitlock Farnham

The pain was so bad I couldn’t work without taking painkillers. Jane has help me re-educate my body, I’m pain free and much more aware now. When I sit down I take time to settle myself and get my posture right.
Nicci Shepherd Farnham

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to let you know the AT lessons have been a real benefit for both the gym, and learning to snowboard… I progressed very quickly in the snowboarding lessons and people said how good my posture was going down the hill!
I can now do squats, presses etc with good form and I’m much more aware and in control of my back and head position.
Thanks again – I will definitely book some more lessons for a refresh!
Andy Skraga Arlesford

“I found Jane’s sessions to be extremely useful in making me aware of healthy posture in all my activities, which has proved to be life-changing, and also for providing some much needed quiet time in an otherwise very busy life.
Philippa Topham – Pianist, Accompanist, Teacher, Examiner