Primal Alexander (On-Line sessions)

Special Offer – *1st session FREE*

The first lesson will be free of charge so that you can determine whether you are happy to continue with the other 5 on-line sessions.

£200 for 6 individual sessions instead of £240

In March I joined a coaching group of Alexander teachers looking at how to teach The Alexander Technique hands free and on-line.

The Coaching Club™ is taught by Mio Morales who has been teaching The alexander Technique for over 35 years. He apprenticed for 20 years with Marjorie Barstow who trained with Alexander in the 1930‘s and with Dr. Frank Pierce Jones who trained with Alexander in the 1940’s. He now works solely on-line teaching The Technique.

I have now completed 24 weeks of the ongoing tuition and I am excited to be able to offer a 6 week online course so that you can still benefit from Alexander Technique sessions during the Covid-19 period or it may just suit as an alternative.

6 week Primal Alexander On-line course – Content:

  • We will work through a series of gentle activities to increase your sensitivity and awareness of yourself in movement.
  • These activities will help you recognise habitual tension patterns and strain, encouraging positive change to happen.
  • The activities will enable you to access more ease in your body and better natural movement.
  • And to be able to recall this ease when poor habits are noticed, creating calm and balance in the body.
  • Increased sensitivity and awareness will make you more mindful of yourself in any activity.

To get the most benefit from the classes a short set of daily exercises (études) are suggested. It may be that the changes you experience at the beginning are subtle, but consistent practice of the études will speed progress in awareness, sensitivity and helping to address your problems.

Sessions are normally held using Zoom, but other technology can be utilised. Each session is 1 hour in duration.

If you would be interested in pursuing sessions this way either as an alternative or prior to being able to offer more traditional work then do call on 07775 618 822 or email me.

‘I was very happy when Jane introduced online lessons during Covid. My long term disability had worsened during the first lockdown. Spinal problems mean I need a rollator or 2 sticks to walk, and I have scoliosis and a life-long history of bad posture.
AT has helped me to move better and sit better. I can continue to function to the best of my ability and feel more comfortable.
In particular, through online lessons I learn to break movement down into its components of intention,thought, and action. Stair climbing, walking, and even sitting have become easier. With feedback from Jane online, and doing the homework, I’m learning to interrupt lifelong habits that have caused almost constant tension in my body. Though I miss 1-to-1 sessions of hands-on AT, I’m thrilled to be learning and practicing methods I can apply on my own.’ Liza M. Southsea

I have enjoyed and benefitted from Jane’s  Alexander Technique sessions for some years now. She is very perceptive, effective, compassionate and supportive in her teaching style. 

My recent experience of her Alexander Online work, since March 2020,  has been very good – I was surprised at how effective and self-empowering it can be, despite the absence of physical touch!

I would definitely recommend her – both in the teaching room, and online – to anybody who wants to learn how to build and maintain their own physical ease and health. Sophie Langdon, Farnham.