Musicians & Singers

Get more out of your performance…

Do you feel tense when learning new pieces of music?

Have tight arms, wrists and fingers when playing?

Get anxious about your performance when singing or playing?

The Alexander Technique can be a really useful addition in the repertoire of a musician or singer. The Technique makes you more aware of how you think and how you move which can improve performance. It gives you the ability to notice habits, particularly tension that is performance limiting.

More awareness of movement helps balance and co-ordination which has a positive impact on posture. Better posture helps encourage easy and natural breathing.

Playing with less stress can enhance the quality of physical movements involved in playing and hence improve the standard of the music itself. By helping musicians release tension in their bodies the Alexander Technique can make possible a performance that is more resonant and fluent and less tense and rigid. It can also reduce the possibility of injury and RSI.

By improving balance and co-ordination and making the core of the body more stable less muscular tension is required and therefore breathing co-ordination and vocal production are enhanced. The Technique also helps free up spontaneity and emotional expression thus energising performance for singers.

The A.T. is also a useful tool in dealing with performance anxiety. It offers a way to be more in the moment to deal with pressure, as anxiety creates inappropriate muscle tension.

“I found Jane’s sessions to be extremely useful in making me aware of healthy posture in all my activities, which has proved to be life-changing, and also for providing some much needed quiet time in an otherwise very busy life.”

Philippa Topham – Pianist, Accompanist, Teacher, Examiner

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