Courses at Durham House Clinic, Farnham

Walk Tall…

Improve your Posture by Balancing your Body

Join my Level 1 course using The Alexander Technique

A comprehensive 3 hour course exploring how to –

  • Walk Tall by improving your posture and poise
  • Balance your pelvis into a neutral position to help prevent back and hip pain while walking
  • Ankles and their importance for balance and movement
  • Feet – In particular the “gait” or walking cycle
  • How to be more aware of yourself when walking to re-connect with good natural movement

Saturday 29th September

 Course time: 13:30 – 16:30

Small group of 6 people so plenty of individual attention

A break for tea and cake!

£80 for the course. **Early Bird Special Offer – £75 if paid for by 1st June

Venue: Durham House Chiropractic, 30 East St, Farnham GU9 7SW

I am very impressed and pleased that a short course has already helped me to improve the way I stand and move. I also liked the way we were encouraged to identify particular problems and these were dealt with straight away” Jane Williams
The course was very well presented. The pace of the course allowed for a full explanation of each point and time for individual queries to be addressed. The notes provided are concise and useful aide-memoires which ensure that you continue to benefit after the course and do not lose out because of a poor or inefficient memory” Angela Chapman

To book a place contact Jane: 07775 618 822


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