Autumn thoughts…


I was thinking about a colleagues blog regarding the sensitivity of feet as I was walking at Waggoner’s Wells over the weekend.

My thought train went like this… Which do I prefer, the greens of spring or the browns of Autumn?

A tough call, nothing in it really, as I love spring in anticipation of summer, but I love the calm and mellowness that I feel in Autumn.

But then I started to listen to the sound of the leaves as I waded through them. Such a unique sound. A carpet of beech, sweet chestnut and oak so thick that there is no way to determine visually what is under foot. And this is where the sensitivity of our feet becomes apparent.

I know that there are many exposed tree roots, uneven ground and holes, but there is no point looking down for obstacles to avoid, as the mass of crisp earthy coloured leaves are obscuring the terrain.

Instead I begin to listen to my feet, allow them to perceive the ground, feeding back information about it, so that I stay balanced and upright.

The bottoms of our feet are very sensitive to touch, they have as many as 200,000 nerve endings in each sole. So it is no wonder when you get a small stone stuck in the tread of your shoe you are instantly aware of it even through the thick sole of your shoe and sock.

So, no need to look down and disturb my balance. Instead I can enjoy the scenery around me knowing that my feet will keep me upright and because my head is not forward and dropped I will be working with my centre of gravity making walking so much easier.

Then my next thought was the Nancy Sinatra song – “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…”,

Which stayed in my head throughout the rest of the walk as an earworm…

Funny where your thoughts flit!

Best wishes, Jane

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