Spring is here….

Put a ‘spring‘ in your step… Now that Spring does at last seem to be here it is time to shed the layers of winter clothing, stop the hunching and huddling against the cold and to restore good natural movement and posture – Get that “Bounce” back! The Alexander Technique can be really helpful in achieving this by making us more aware of how we move and how to make the core of our body more stable and centered – restoring good, natural posture to all activity. This has the effect of giving more freedom of movement in the limbs and adds a lightness to the body rather than the usual pulled down, hunched and narrowed posture that we tend to have through the winter months.

So become more attuned to your body, improve your balance and  co-ordination and get rid of those bad winter habits of ‘tensing’ and ‘holding’ by taking advantage of my 3 lesson ‘Spring Special’.

If you would like to find out more, then please do get in touch to see how the Technique could help you.

Rgds, Jane

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