Spring Special Offer…

Through April I am offering a “Spring” Special Offer of three Alexander Technique sessions for £96. It is difficult to say how many sessions you would require until we meet but in general I do suggest to clients that initially three is a good number. In these sessions we look at posture, balance and getting your head, neck and back aligned. When you start to achieve this your core becomes more stable, which reduces the amount of muscular tension required to support yourself. We also look at how to achieve good posture and poise when sitting and standing, and if you are working, how to include this in your working day.

The Alexander Technique makes you more consciously aware and more body aware, it is a self-help technique to incorporate into your everyday life. So from session one you will take away ‘tools’ that will start to make a difference to posture and the aches and pains that we all experience at times.

If you would like to find out more about A.T. then do drop me a line or call for a chat.

Best wishes, Jane

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