Pre-exam nerves, stress and tension

Neck and shoulder pain and headaches are all too common around exam time – As we get more mentally stressed then the physical impact is muscular tension. The first place we tend to notice this is in the shoulders; they are our barometers of tension. All to often we find them up around our ears, also our breathing patterns change they become shallower. This increased tension feeds mental anxiety and nervousness and the bad patterns become self-perpetuating.

So being able to break this cycle is extremely useful, which is where the Alexander Technique is a great resource to have. The Technique helps to make you more aware. It offers “tools” to help release tension that builds, both physically and mentally. Also, by being more in the moment it encourages calm and reduces panic.

The Technique also improves posture which is helpful with all the increased written and computer work that is required over the coming months, which also can create neck, back and shoulder problems.

So, if you think the Technique could help you or your child then do get in touch as lessons are tailored to suit each individuals needs.


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