Pain, stress, tension and habit

Habits can take many forms – The shoulder you always wear your handbag on, the pocket you always put your wallet in but then there are those habits that are an automatic reaction to a stimulus – Stress and pain are good examples of these. When we are in pain we tense and protect around the area by holding our bodies and stress often causes neck and shoulder problems. Our shoulders are barometers of tension and we end up wearing them around our ears. Quickly these bad habits start to feel right and become the ‘norm’ and we don’t realise that we are doing them. This tension narrows and rounds the body and compresses it, pulls it down. When you start to become more aware of your body’s habitual tension patterns and you release this tension, it allows the body to open out and come up to it’s full height so that it has a lighter feel to it; your core becomes more stable and posture improves.

Being a self-help technique, it means that from your first session you can start to change and improve how you react in your everyday life – Small changes can often have a big impact.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss if the Alexander technique might be helpful for you or you would like some more information.

Regards, Jane

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