Tension and Habit

Tension is very habitual – Do you wake up stiff and unrested, feel tense at the end of the day. Muscular tension very quickly starts to feel the ‘norm’; our sedentary lifestyles are a contributing factor – We sit for long periods of time at the computer, in the car/train and get very ‘fixed’. Repetitive movements can cause problems too. Take a moment the next time you clean your teeth to consider how tightly you hold the toothbrush, how you’ve locked your legs, lifted your shoulders and clenched your jaw… All unnecessary but just habits we get in to. Similarly pain makes us physically tighten around the area that hurts and often leads to compensatory movement. All this excessive tension makes us uncoordinated and un-balanced, which distorts and causes discomfort.

The Alexander Technique (A.T.) makes you more self-aware, more able to notice when tension is building but more importantly it also gives you ‘tools’ to help release tension. The A.T. reminds our bodies of the good poise and posture that is inherent in all of us… So do get in touch if you would like to know how the A.T could help you.

Look forward to hearing from you – Jane

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