Christmas calm!

Does the thought of Christmas make you tense? We all love it really but the lead up to the big day can be quite stressful. The trouble is that tension quickly builds but takes much longer to get rid of. Tension also starts to become habitual – The “Norm” and we often don’t realise how much physical and mental tension we are holding.

This is where the Alexander Technique can help. It is an excellent self-help method for becoming more aware of ourselves. When we are anxious we get very ‘held’ and ‘narrowed’ which affects our posture, breathing and general well-being. The Alexander technique offers ways to release tension, that are easily put into practise and become a part of your everyday life – Not exercises but life skills.

So whether it be you or a relative or you are just looking for a Christmas present with a difference then take advantage of my 2 lesson Christmas voucher (see prices for details).

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Regards, Jane.

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