New Year reflection

New year is a natural point in time to reflect on the year just passed and often the only time we do stop and take stock of our lives. 2011 was probably quite a difficult year for most of us – A head down and tighten your belt kind of year! Goals may not have been reached, achievements fewer and stress levels higher. This tends to impact us mentally and physically too. Stress and anxiety cause physical tension and with increased tension comes health issues – Back, shoulder and neck pain are common, as are headaches. When we are working harder or when life is just more difficult we do not take time for ourselves, we don’t “stop” and reflect on our physical and mental well-being, which is when issues creep up on us.

The Alexander Technique offers a way to improve well-being. It is a self-help technique that encourages you to stop and be more in the ‘present’ – To be more physically and mentally aware. Being more aware gives the opportunuty to ‘check’ the stress and tension before they get out of hand. The Technique offers ‘tools’ to help reduce tension. These methods are easy to incorporate into your daily life and through small changes you can improve many aspects – Posture, performance, balance and co-ordination being just a few of the benefits.

I do hope that you all have a good 2012 and do make some time for yourselves – Hopefully by using Alexander technique principles of being more mindful!

Regards, Jane

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