When you consider it we spend a considerable time each day sitting – In the car, on the train, at a desk, on the sofa and at the table. Sitting is something we don’t think about, unless of course it causes discomfort. It is a habitual act, something we do automatically and often very badly. We cross our legs, tuck them underneath us, perch on our thighs and pull our lower back in or slouch onto our tailbone….. I could go on but won’t, instead I’ll ask the question  – Are you aware of your sitting bones – your feet in your bottom!

As an Alexander Technique teacher I would work with you to improve your posture when sitting, by being aware of your balance on your sitting bones. Improve this and naturally the core of your body becomes more stable. You’ll find you won’t have to wriggle around so much to stay comfortable and you will be more upright but in a natural not held way.

So do a bit of people watching and also be aware of your habits when sitting – Could they do with improving? If so, then join me for a 3 lesson special offer available in November to look at improving posture and movement.

Regards, Jane

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