Posture at the desk, p.c and laptop!

Do you find yourself sat at the computer for longer, now that the nights are drawing in? Do you also find you have a stiff neck, shoulder and back pain after a session at the keyboard?

We can have the most ergonomic of setups for our workstation but if we are unaware of how we use our bodies while at the p.c, we can fall into bad habits:

  • Sitting perched on the chair and pulling our lower back in
  • Hunching our shoulders
  • Slouching and sitting on our tailbone
  • Crossing our legs
  • Slumped on the sofa with a laptop

Any of the above ring a bell? The Alexander Technique has useful tools to make you more aware of how you are using your body in everyday situations and how to make changes to improve posture. By gaining more balance and being more centered you reduce muscular tension, which gives far more freedom of movement and far less aches and pains!

If you would like to know more about how the Alexander Technique could benefit you, then do call for a chat or email. I am also running a 3 lesson special for £90.00 this October/November…. So hopefully you’ll take advantage.

Rgds, Jane

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