Habits can take many forms – That necessary first cup of tea in the morning to kickstart the day, the cuddly toy we needed to sleep with as a small child. But then there are those habits that are an automatic reaction to a stimulus – Stress and pain are good examples of these. When we are in pain we tense and protect around the area by holding our bodies. Stress often causes neck and shoulder problems, as our shoulders are barometers of tension and we end up wearing them around our ears. Quickly these bad habits starts to feel right and bcome the ‘norm’ and we don’t realise that we are doing them.

The Alexander Technique is a unique way of being aware of and understanding your habits. It enables you to become more attuned to your body and to be more consciously aware of how you react to stimuli of all manner. You learn how to notice and release muscular tension which can have far reaching effects. It improves posture, makes us more balanced and co-ordinated and often calmer.

So come and discover for yourselves how much more comfortable you can be in your own body when using the Alexander Technique.

Regards, Jane

p.s. I am running a special offer of 3 lessons for £90 when purchased in August.

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