Aches, pains and strains

Overdoing the tennis, walking, gardening or golf maybe?  This lovely weather means we tend to be more active but with this increased activity often comes aches, pains and strains. The Alexander Technique(A.T.) is a way of keeping these problems to a minmum. By learning how to “Use” your body in a more balanced and co-ordinated way, can help reduce injury and bring more freedom of movement to any activity.

As an A.T. teacher I would teach you to become more body aware so that you start to use the appropriate tension and tone in your body for the job in hand. So next time you pick up your toothbrush to clean your teeth – Just “stop” and be aware of how tightly you are gripping it, how tense your shoulders are and is that tension really necessary? Tension narrows and rounds the body and compresses it, pulls it down. When you start to become more aware of your body’s habitual tension patterns and you release this tension, it allows the body to open out and lengthen so that it has a lighter feel to it. You improve core stability.

So enjoy a pain free summer by taking some Alexander Technique lessons –  You’ll also be surpised how much it will improve your golf and your tennis too, by helping you to recognise those bad habits you take to the game.

Have a good summer and do take advantage of the 3 lesson special offer this July.

Regards, Jane

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