Look Good and Feel Good this Summer with The Alexander Technique

This stunning weather heads us towards our summer wardobe. The trouble is you can put on an outfit, look in the mirror and not see what you want to see. It might fit but just doesn’t look right. Often it’s the way we stand and carry ourselves that is the problem. We are narrowed, hunched and our body lacks confidence. So “stand up straight” and “pull your shoulders back” you might say to yourself  – But you can only maintain this for a short period of time and it often causes aches and pains in the process.

The Alexander Technique is a way of re-gaining that natural poise and good posture. In lessons you will learn how to improve your core stability so that you are more balanced and co-ordinated, so that you come up to your full height and are more opened out. By becoming more aware of your tension and holding patterns (which we are often not aware that we have as they become habitual, the norm) and releasing them, better posture can be achieved naturally. I guess a good analogy is that it is like wearing a wetsuit that is 2 sizes to small – It restricts us, pulls us down but when you release muscular tension it is then like wearing a wetsuit that fits correctly you can stand tall and have more freedom of movement.

So why not try a few Alexander Technique lessons this month as I am running a 3 lesson special offer and experience more confidence and look and feel better this summer . Do call if you would like a chat or more information.

Regards, Jane

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