Turn over a new leaf this spring!

A very cliched phrase I know, the dictionary definition being – Taking action to change one’s life for the better. At this time of year when we really start to notice the season change it is often a catalyst for us to make changes in our personal life. Chances are that if you are reading this post you have already been spurred into action. The Alexander Technique is a self-help technique that helps to reduce muscular tension. This tension can be caused by many things including – pain, stress, injury or poor posture causing impaired core stability to name but a few. Tension is habitual and quickly becomes the ‘norm’. Our shoulders are barometers of tension – How often do you notice them sitting up around your ears, particularly when you are working at the pc/laptop, driving or in work situations.

The Alexander Technique offers ‘tools’ to improve your awareness of tension and offers simple solutions that can can be incorporated into your everyday life from the first session to decrease tension. These ‘tools’ have the effect of improving balance and co-ordination and core stability which in turn positively impact on for example pain, bad posture and stress. Also with the exam season looming it can be very helpful in reducing those examination nerves.

So to close with another cliche – Put a ‘spring’ in your step , try a session and take advantage of the ‘Spring’ special offer!

Regards, Jane

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