Getting ready for Spring

Yesterday gave us a taster of the glorious weather to come. The sun was warm, very little wind and the day had a different feel to it and so did I. Not having to narrow, hunch and tense in response to the cold, wind and rain made such a difference while walking our dog. I felt much lighter with almost a spring in my step!

We tend to become more sedentary over winter when the bad weather stops us from venturing out and this affects our posture and body language. The cold makes us tense and we wear our shoulders around our ears and we tend to be stooped and huddled which becomes habitual even when we get indoors in the warm.

The Alexander Technique makes you more aware of your body, your tension patterns and how you operate in your everyday life. It helps you to become  more balanced and co-ordinated. So why not try an introductory lesson to see how much lighter, how much more centered you feel at the end of 45 minutes of work and leave behind all that winter tension.



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