Learn a new skill for the New Year

Happy New Year to you all.

The Alexander Technique is a way to change both physical and mental attitudes. A way to re-educate the body back into natural poise and good posture and to gain more awareness. So when our thoughts at this time of year look to change  then learning and practicing the Alexander Technique is easily achievable.

Each lesson builds upon the last and from the first lesson you will have ‘tools’ that you can use in your everyday life to improve balance and core stability, which in turn reduces physical tension and makes us more mindful. These new skills are not difficult to realize as they are naturally how the body would like to function but over the years we get into bad habits. So reminding the body how to achieve good postural habits takes very little effort and quickly the good habits become the norm rather than the exception.

So if you would like to find out more then please do get in touch for a chat and find out how the Alexander Technique could enhance your life this coming year. Also link to Prices for the “New Year Special Offer”.

Regards, Jane

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