A Christmas gift with a difference

Christmas can often find us stressed and tense – Christmas shopping, family dynamics, the desire to make things just right and currently the snow! It becomes a whirlwind of activity and often we just don’t stop. The Alexander Technique promotes the notion of stopping, allowing us to be more efficient in our actions, both physically and mentally.

So when over the Christmas period you suddenly feel things are running away from you  just take 5 minutes to stop and take stock of the situation – Sit down, release those shoulders that you will be wearing around your ears, be aware of your breathing, try to empty your mind and allow yourself to unwind for a moment or two. This brief period often gives us the space to then make a more rational plan of our next moves and lessens body tension. This is one of the real benefits of The Alexander Technique that it is a self help technique where I as a teacher give you the tools to become more aware of your self and then you go away and apply the techniques to your everyday life

I am offering a two session Christmas voucher for £54.00 so if you think you or your family or friends might benefit, then this is a Christmas present that will make a difference.

Best wishes for Christmas and do enjoy your festive break.

Regards, Jane

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