Look Good this Summer…

Stand Tall with The Alexander Technique

What a difference a bit of sun makes – The ability to shed those extra layers of clothing that we have huddled into over the winter. However it’s only when we start to try on Summer clothes that our body image often takes a battering. Those few excess winter pounds and poor posture from the winter chill, mean that even the best cut garments will look average if we present ourselves poorly. The Alexander Technique reminds us how to come up to our full height naturally, how to stand tall without looking held but with ease and to move more elegantly. In short, the Alexander Technique can make you feel taller, slimmer and more confident by using your body in a more balanced, co-ordinated way – Regaining natural poise.

If the above resonates with you, then do get in touch if you would like some more information….. And enjoy the sunshine – Long may it last.



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