Posture and confidence

How you stand and walk has a real bearing on your confidence. There are those people who can walk into a room, along a street and you just notice them, they have natural poise and bearing. The Alexander Technique can be really useful in helping re-gain balance and co-ordination in the core of the body and in doing so improves posture. As a teacher I would work with you to improve your walking, sitting and standing – to give you a more confident, natural stance. With improved posture comes improved body use and this could be handy with the glorious summer weather that we’ve got now – No more lower back pain after the BBQ’s with friends, when you’ve been standing for long periods of time and sitting on not so comfortable garden furniture!

And ladies, those summer high heels, they can be worn without pain it’s just a question of technique. Come and find out how.

I look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime enjoy this pleasant weather.



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