Alexander Awareness week – Poised for Life 8-14 October

The theme this year is aimed towards young people. We as parents are often appalled at our children’s posture when we see them sat at a laptop, with a smartphone or gaming. The old adage of ‘sit up straight’ and ‘pull your shoulders back’ won’t improve the situation but Alexander Technique lessons will…

As an A.T. teacher I help students to become more aware of themselves; how to combat that slouching and slumping by using body-mapping techniques. When we understand how and where the body should move, it encourages better ‘use’ and more natural movement, which in turn makes us more balanced and co-ordinated. When we are more balanced and co-ordinated we have better tone in our bodies. Being more aware of our ingrained (bad) habits when using technology means often that only small changes are needed to see marked improvements.

Over the next few weeks I will be offering taster sessions to students at my consulting room or if you are a Bedales student, in free periods at Bedales.

To book a session either email or phone :

M: 07775618822   E:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Jane

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