Want to be more active in 2018?

What’s hot for 2018… Well according to The Sunday Times Style magazine on New Year’s eve – “The wellbeing buzz for this year is all about correcting one’s alignment”.

The article said, “That sedentary western life has all but ruined the average person’s posture”.

Possibly a bit harsh, but generally fairly accurate.

Good body alignment = Good posture.

And good posture can make such a difference both physically and mentally.

You are how you move. Start working with the design of your body and then your body will start to move as it should. Pain issues will lessen, posture will improve and muscular tension will be less, leaving you feeling lighter and freer.

When your posture is better, you feel better – More confident in life.

So if your new year’s resolution is to be more active, exercise more, walk more, then re-educating your body back into good postural habits will make these activities far more enjoyable.

Utilising The Alexander Technique increases performance in all activity. You will be able to go that extra mile!

So put some balance back in your life, both physically and mentally.

There are still a few places left on my upcoming courses –

4 week course – Starting Monday 15th January 15:00 – 16:00. Cost £90

Half day course on Saturday 20th January 13:30 – 17:30. Cost £90. Early bird special offer £80 if paid by 12th January.

“Very informative course and at the right level of detail. Good repetition of finding correct posture” AB
“Excellent workshop and I learned a great deal. I was unaware that I was doing the wrong thing. My back stiffness has definitely improved since your course. The workshop sheets proved useful after the course as well. I look forward to attending a level 2 course” Gina Rossdale-Smith

For more information or to book a place contact Jane on 07775 618 822.

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