Lost Your Backbone!

We can all get into bad habits with our posture so that we tend to have a held look – A “pull your shoulders back and stand up straight” look or  a collapsed look where the the shoulders are narrowed and rounded and we feel slumped – without a backbone!

The Alexander Technique (A.T.)is a way of refining posture in a natural way. It is a unique method of improving how we manage our bodies in everyday activity. An A.T. teacher will work with a client to improve co-ordination, balance and body awareness – Re-educating the body into good postural habits so that the head, neck and back are co-ordinated and aligned, thus improving core stability and posture and bringing greater ease and freedom of movement to all activity in a natural way.

So we do all have good poise within us, it is just a case of re-learning good postural habits to supersede those bad old ones.

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