Good “Use” of our Bodies

These light sunny evenings provide the opportunity for far more physical activity, whether it be gardening, watering or increased exercise, to name but a few. The immediate impact for many of us is increased aches and pains over and above that which would be expected for the task in hand – Why? The reason being is that we don’t “Use” our bodies how they were designed, we develop bad postural habits and tension patterns. The Alexander Technique has useful “tools” to make you more body aware, to “Use” your body with more core stability, with better balance and co-ordination and with appropriate muscle tone.

So, next time you fill your watering can and pick it up (or any weight for that matter), just stop and be aware of how you are doing it – Are your shoulders round your ears, have they narrowed and rounded, are you using undue effort and have you bent and twisted your body to compensate for the weight. If so, then the Alexander Technique could be for you!