Courses at Durham House, Farnham

Mindful Motion

2,000 steps is roughly a mile.

But do you use efficient movement when you are walking that mile?

Are you balanced and working with your centre of gravity when in motion?

For most of us the answer is probably not.

So join my Level 2 workshop using The Alexander Technique

In this 3hr workshop we will look at:

  • Ankles and their importance for balance and movement 
  • Feet – In particular the “gait” or walking cycle
  • How to stabilise and balance the pelvis in movement
  • How to be more mindful of yourself when walking
  • And of course we will recap and build on the elements learned in the Level 1 Course

Being more balanced will reduce strain on your joints, creating less wear and tear.

Being more body aware and working with the design of your body will enable easier movement and less discomfort.

The knock-on effect of being more balanced and more co-ordinated in everyday activity is improved performance in your exercise and leisure activities. Win, Win!

Make those first 2,000 steps of the day a pleasure not a chore!

Saturday 21st April 13:30 – 16:30

 with a break for tea and cake!

Small group of 6 people so plenty of individual attention

£90 for the course. **Early Bird Special Offer – £80 if paid for by 14th April

Venue: Durham House Chiropractic, 30 East St, Farnham GU9 7SW

 To book a place contact Jane: 07775 618 822


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