Courses at The WOW Clinic, Westbourne

Walk Tall…

Improve your Posture by Balancing your Body

Join my Level 1 course using The Alexander Technique

A comprehensive 3 hour course exploring how to –

  • Walk Tall by improving your posture and poise
  • Balance your pelvis into a neutral position to help prevent back and hip pain while walking
  • Ankles and their importance for balance and movement
  • Feet – In particular the “gait” or walking cycle
  • How to be more aware of yourself when walking to re-connect with good natural movement

Saturday 28th March 2020

 Course time: 13:30 – 16:30

Small group of 6 people so plenty of individual attention

A break for tea and cake!

£80 for the course. **Early Bird Special Offer – £75 if paid for by 14th March

Venue: The WOW Clinic, Westbourne PO10 8UL

I am very impressed and pleased that a short course has already helped me to improve the way I stand and move. I also liked the way we were encouraged to identify particular problems and these were dealt with straight away” Jane Williams

For more information call Jane – 07775 618 822

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